SanketLife Pro+ with 70 ECG Test

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  • Portable 12 Lead ECG Device- The World’s only and SMALLEST 12-Lead ECG/EKG device which is medically tested and has 98% accuracy. It is Doctor’s #1 choice and is being used by over 600 doctors to quickly screen patients for Cardiac problems and a boon for Heart patients to monitor Heart Health ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
  • Expandable to a Lead Based ECG Device .
  • Single Lead ECG- Atrial Fibrillation or Arrhythmia can be easily differentiated from a Normal Heart Rhythm just by the touch of 2 sensors. Share the report to Sanket DOCTOR and get a review/analysis by one click in just 10 mins. Get this peace of Mind in your pocket today.
  • Most accurate Heart Rate monitor- Heart rate is most ACCURATE when measured from ECG. Get the best Heart rate monitor and monitor Health along with fitness starting today.
  • Heart Rate Variability/Stress- HRV is the new way to track your well being and stress. Measure HRV or Stress levels and track your day to day well being/fitness in a form recommended by doctors.
  • Long Battery Life- One battery enables you to take up to 1000 ECG’s, and no power, wires or leads are required to operate the device.



  • Find heart Disease in just a few seconds By only touching – No Leads or Gel
  • Unlimited Users
  • Certifications: ETSI EN 300 328 V1.91:2015, CE, EC13. IEC 61000-4-2:2008,IEC 61000-4-3:2007.Tests Performed by World’s Leading TÜV Rheinland, Germany.
  • Warranty‬ – 1-year Free Replacement Warranty (Home Pickup Facility in case of Faulty Device for Replacement)
  • Recharge More Tests and Doctor Review easily from SnaketLife App for Android and iOS

 In a healthy heart, the waveform pattern shows a regular shape and rhythm. In the case of Heart disease, abnormalities can be detected.

Symptoms such as heart pain, palpitations, and shortness of breath may be signs of heart diseases such as angina or cardiac infarction. With the SanketLife, a recording can be made when symptoms occur whether at home or away.
By comparing your electrocardiogram rhythm and shape with normal waves, various heart diseases can be diagnosed.

SanketLife Platform is the most authentic way to Measure ECG and provide you this answer.

How SanketLife helps People right from Age 25

Whether you are a professional athlete, a housewife, a corporate worker or simply a fitness enthusiast, we all wish to be fit and keep our heart healthy and running.

Though we all know that a poor lifestyle is the biggest cause of stress and loss of heart fitness, we do not have a mechanism where we can monitor how our heart is functioning and make changes in our lifestyle accordingly, to keep it fit.

HRV is the new score of your Heart fitness.

Not just this, HRV indicates your STRESS levels and also, if measured, regularly helps you to recover from it, hence maintain your heart fitness. ECG is the most reliable way to measure HRV.

SanketLife displays Real-Time Report, Physical Stress and repeated displays of Body Stress and can point up to 30 irregularities in the body which can drastically affect your heart health in the long run.

What better way to check your ECG, HRV and Heart Rate than a pocket ECG device SanketLife (Only Device in World) which gives you instant peace of Mind from Heart Troubles ( Not all heart troubles though 🙂 (Pun Intended) )

What’s Better in SanketLife Pro+ 

There are certain requirements where a Lead Base solution becomes imperative for eg, in Ambulances, Hospitals or When people can not hold the device in hand to do a sequential 12 LEAD ECG.

SanketLife Pro+ is made for such requirements. It comes with Audio Jack. A sepaerately bought converter device ( SanketLife 12 LEAD Converter) fits in this Audio jack to enable up to 12 LEAD Base ECG solution.

Besides SanketLife Pro+ has been made with More rugged ABS Plastic and Rubber design, making it more comfy in hand.

The long Tailed design helps obese people better to do sequential ECG.

Thus SanketLife Pro+ is a complete ECG solution for both types of people – On the go types, where they can carry it in the pocket and also for Inside Hospital scenario.

Typically a 12 LEAD ECG solution will start around INR 45,000 +. Hence SanketLife Pro+ allows you to save money up to 4 times.


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