We know festive season pumps up everybody and all go on their cheat days. Even the fitness and health fanatics take a break and divulge into the festive mood. It’s good to take a break from the schedule but we do say keeping a check on your health and keeping a track of how much you are deviating from your routine is something one needs to keep in mind. 

Diwali is a time of being overwhelmed with joy and happiness. We treat ourselves with not so healthy things to eat. The thrill of bursting crackers and the rush of making it happen sometimes sidelines our thoughts that it may cause inconvenience to others. This festive season let’s make a conscious decision of making healthy choices and continue the joyous mood together to get the best of both. 

 It’s not just the calories you need to count, count your heart health too.
Festival is synonymous with binge eating, feasting on fatty foods, alcohol, smoking and loud noise from crackers and party music. These all sum up to be a risk factor for those who suffer from heart illness or have hypertension or diabetes. Post such occasions hospitals and clinics queue up with patients complaining of worsening of symptoms or aggravated conditions due to lack of attention to the precautions shared by their physician. One needs to be aware about, what all can burden your heart health. 

High Salt/Sugar Intake
Binge eating of unhealthy and sugary food is a contributing factor for heart disease and illness. High salt intake can also lead to a spike in blood pressure in the already hypertensive patient so care needs to be taken regarding what you eat. 

Fatty Food
It’s quite obvious that your plate will be full of deep-fried food and things that are high in fat content. Cholesterol levels have a direct link to heart health and can lead to serious heart issues. 

Alcohol Intake
The biggest risk factor for heart disease and worsening of symptoms in heart patients can be due to such stimulants like alcohol. One needs to be cautious in the amount of alcohol being taken. 

Crackers and the risk
Crackers have a double effect on the heart as well as the respiratory system. The loud sounds that crackers make on bursting do not go well with people suffering from heart disease and can adversely affect their health. Even the smoke emitted causes harm to patient s suffering from respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis. 

Lack of Sleep
Late night parties and social gatherings are very common at this time, this contributes to lack of sleep which in turn transforms into physical stress that the body suffers and can lead to lethargy and weakness in the coming days. 

Make self-monitoring of your heart the shield this Diwali
Just knowing what all can be bad for your heart is not enough, we are now in the time of all technological advancements, why not use it in keeping a tab on our heart. You can keep your heart health worries aside by just regularly monitoring your heart health and being sure what you are following is making your heart enjoy the festival too. There are many home monitoring solutions available in the market that can help you with the task of keeping up with your heart health, just one thing, choose the best as it’s your heart health that’s on stake 

 How regular self-monitoring helps your heart 
Keeping a regular check on your heart keeps you informed about how well your heart is responding to changes around you. It also helps in taking necessary measures that can improve your heart health drastically. For patients with heart rhythm disorders having such a monitoring solution can be a life savior as a timely diagnosis can help in taking the right decision. 

 Gift your heart the perfect companion this Diwali– SanketLife ECG device
If you are still wondering what is the best solution to keep monitoring your heart then, let us give you the fact check. ECG or Electrocardiograph is the golden standard to check the heart functioning. It’s the most common practice that is done by the doctor to access your heart health. 

SanketLife ECG device is a pocket-sized, leadless and ultra-light ECG device that can take a medical-grade 12 lead ECG and displays reports on your smartphones instantly. The reports are easily shareable and ready to print. The app also has a feature to calculate your stress levels and HRV (Heart Rate Variability). 

SanketLife Benefits 

  • Leadless and compact device makes it easy to carry. You can be anywhere but your heart health will always be on track.
  • Instant result and on-demand doctor review makes it a go-to gadget for heart patients to leave the worry behind.
  • Accurate and reliable data to give you the confidence that your heart is getting a quality check.
  • Stress and HRV calculator. The device can be used by fitness enthusiasts to satiate their hunger of knowing their heart health better. 

So what are you doing for yourself and your loved ones heart health this Diwali? Pamper them this festive season with a gift that will love and care for them the way you do- SanketLife ECG device